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The Podiatrists in Sonoma County, California

We are a group of podiatrists specializing in
sports medicine, surgery and general foot and ankle ailments

Dr.Dupont Foot and Ankle doctor

Dr. Brett Dupont

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We believe that patient care should be honest and precise.
We treat patients of all ages and are committed to providing high-quality, reliable services in a timely, professional,
and cost-effective manner.
We want our patients to feel their best.

Why GG Foot and Ankle

Our emphasis is on the treatment and reconstruction of all foot and ankle problems. We believe that prompt diagnosis, early intervention and prevention are …

Our Services

We offer the following services – Comprehensive care of foot and ankle disorders, Lower Extremity Vascular Evaluations, Diabetic foot care, Routine foot care services …

Patients Education

Foot and ankle problems usually fall into the following categories: Acquired from improper footwear, physical stress, or small mechanical changes within …

Insurance Acceptance

GG Foot and Ankle Medical center accepts major PPO, (Preferred Provider Organization), carriers. Variations may include POS and HSA …

Our Medical Treatments

Ankle Fracture
Ankle Sprain
Arch Pain/Heel Pain
Children’s Feet
Flat Feet
Foot Fracture
Haglund’s Deformity
Ingrown Toenails
Orthopedic Surgery
Plantar Fibroma
Sports Related
Sports Injuries
Toenail Fungus

Bunionectomy Surgery Gallery

Austin/Chevron Bunionectomy Surgery

Silver Bunionectomy Surgery

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The Podiatrists in Sonoma County
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